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Canada 4 Fishing - Fishing Tips and Techniques

Be sure to also visit our provincial fishing pages for more specific information regarding fishing, species, techniques, and tips.

When is the best time to fish ? The obvious answer is ..whenever we get the chance.
Of course we know that there are times during the day that fish feed more aggressively and days that produce better than others. While we can't always control the days that we have available to fish, we can generally make sure to be on the water at the right times.

It takes a bit of luck to catch fish ! Some days we have it, other days we don't.
I know that I have enjoyed the days fishing even when my fishing luck was poor and eagerly anticipated getting back at it at the first opportunity. The good thing about luck is that it seems to change quickly and fishing fortune never stays in a down trend for long.

Are you ready to improve your fishing, to learn how to use your equipment better, and to broaden your horizons ? Well the simple truth is .. we all are. Our research, experience and individual message board contributions will come together to create and share a wealth of multi-species fishing tips. Fishing does allow us the time to prepare, and to try new ideas.

Be sure to bookmark this site
- Check back regularly as our base of fishing information will continue to expand. We deal with hundreds of outfitters across Canada and will be soliciting their valued imput and their time tested and true ideas. Also, be sure to post your questions on the message board to stimulate the exchange of ideas and experiences.

Regards, DJ

A Simple Formula = Equipment + Techniques + Timing + Location = Fishing Success.

Location - a variable that time, transportation, species, and our budgets control. It varies from individual to individual and of course we should try to get to the best water we realistically can. No matter where you are In Canada good fishing is never far away.
We have a large selection of outfitters, guides, and lodges represented across Canada. A visit to their individual websites can provide a wealth of information regarding the fishing on their lakes and water systems. Selecting a species from the menu will direct you to specific fishing information for that species in the province of your choice.

Equipment + Techniques + Timing are all within our control. There is no such thing as the all purpose rod and reel. When you are buying a rod and reel is all about choices. It’s about figuring out what type of fishing you like to do, when, and where. Answering those questions first will help you make the best rod and reel choice for your applications.
These decisions will vary significantly from species to species and are best dealt with on an individual species basis.

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Tips for all species - Coming Soon

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A fishing trip in Canada is a dream come true. Come fishing and visit us.. in Canada.

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