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Canada 4 Fishing - Pond Fishing Guide
Largemouth Bass

Day tripping for Trout, Largemouth Bass, Walleye, Catfish, Smallmouth Bass, Perch.

For Pond fishing equipment can be anything from a $200 graphite fly rod with custom-tied flies to a cane pole with a bobber and worms dug from the garden. Many pond anglers set their lawn chairs on the bank or docks and cast to the edge of the vegetation or brush where fish like to hide. Some prefer float tubes that take them to the right spots easily and silently. Others like to launch a boat.

A well-stocked pond is the best classroom for teaching a young angler the finer points of bass or trout fishing. Casting and retrieve methods can be easily taught from the bank, and pond fish that don't get much fishing pressure will bite more readily than their larger-water cousins.

It is often a long way to the closest lake and pond fishing can be a great alternative. If you want to practice your fly fishing technique or just cut your teeth on fishing with a fly rod try a trip to a stocked pond. It can be a great way for a family to spend the afternoon together.

Check out the Natural or Stocked Pond fishing in the provinces listed below.

If you have a child, take them to a pond and let them catch some trout or bass. It is convenient, easy, and they can really get hooked on fishing. Summer vacation is the perfect time to spend some precious hours with them in an activity you all will enjoy.

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A pond fishing trip in Canada can be a kid's dream come true.
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