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Canada 4 Fishing - Northern Pike Fishing Guide

Northern Pike

Come test your skills against a real tough scrapper, the Northern Pike
Widely distributed throughout North American fresh water, the Northern Pike has a reputation for long, hard battles on heavy tackle and almost impossible odds with lightweight gear.

Pike will usually be found in the summer in warm shallow water with lots of weed cover where they easily ambush their prey with the least expenditure of energy. Pike are not technically considered a game fish and the season is open all year round in most regions and can be caught quite easily through the ice in winter.

Pike are most often taken by trolling along weed bed edges with large spoons, plugs and streamers. Casting into weedbeds with live or artificial baits is also effective particularly in the early evening hours. Many Fly casters have recently taken up "pike chasing" by wading shorelines using long rods and heavier weight-forward lines to toss streamers or frog imitations at their prey. All forms of pike fishing rigs should include a wire leader to withstand the impact of their razor-sharp teeth. Canadian Record: 42 lbs. 13 ounces.

Check out the NORTHERN PIKE fishing adventures in the provinces below.

The scientific name is " Esox Lucius " Pike will eat any fish, animal or bird that will fit into their mouths. Pike dominate muskellunge where they occur together because they spawn earlier, grow faster and eat young muskies after they hatch. Prepared properly, pike meat is delicious but requires special attention to remove the pesky Y- bones.

A fishing trip in Canada can be a dream come true. Come Northern Pike Canada.
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