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Muskie Fishing

In Canada the Muskie is one of the most sought-after gamefish for its size and "tackle busting" fighting prowess. The geographic range of the muskie in North America is far more restricted than that of the northern pike and is concentrated in the fresh waters surrounding the Great Lakes and areas of the Canadian Shield. In Canada, the muskellunge occurs in rivers and lakes from the Saint John River system in New Brunswick, through southern Quebec, the St. Lawrence and its north and south tributaries, throughout the lower Great Lakes and in Manitoba. Indeed muskie inhabit only about one percent of North America's fresh water.

Muskies can reach weights of 70 pounds. Because of their rarity and the stress these fish undergo when captured, they are vulnerable to fishing pressure. Fortunately, while the popularity of muskie fishing is increasing, so is the catch and release ethic that may ultimately be the salvation of this majestic species.

This formidable fish has an awesome set of razor-sharp teeth which can (and have) ripped an unwary angler's hand to shreds in a flash. A set of spring wire jaw separators is a much used tackle box item for both muskie and pike.

Check out the MUSKIE fishing adventures adventures in the provinces below.

The scientific name is " Esox masquinongy " Slow trolling is the favoured muskie technique. Early morning, late afternoon and evening are best-bet times and don't overlook casting noisy crankbaits into weedy shallows at any time of the day or night.

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As a sportfish the elusive Muskie is King. Come experience mushie fishing Canada.
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