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Canada 4 Fishing - Trout Fishing Guide

Lake Trout
Speckled Trout

Canada, where lots of fresh water = phenominal trout fishing.
You can fish them in the clear, cold lakes of Newfoundland, Cape Breton, Quebec, Ontario, and beyond to the Prairies and the mountain lakes and streams of British Columbia. From coast to coast we have Lakers, Speckles, Rainbow, Cutthroat and Steelhead.

The Brook trout is an angler's favourite on light spinning tackle or fly rod while the Lake Trout found in our colder and deeper lakes is a prized species because it can grow to a truly impressive size. It's difficult to catch and it offers some of the best eating whether smoked, fried, poached or baked.

Imagine fishing for trout in crystalline azure waters.....setting up camp in the shadow of magnificent mountain peaks or the boreal forest.... snuggling into a perfectly welcoming wilderness cabin... stargazing by moonlight .... sitting quietly on the dock of a bay.... drift fishing ...choosing the perfect lure or fly... discovering your very own fishing hole ... and finally savoring the taste of your pan fried fresh catch.

You can explore the TROUT fishing adventures in the provinces or territorries below.

Whether its " Salvelinus fontinalis"
the Brook Trout, or "Salvelinus namaycush" the Lake Trout Canada serves up the most delicious pan fried trout found anywhere. In your cabin or as a savoury shore lunch a meal of trout is the finishing touch to a memorable day.

The elusive Trout is one of natures great rewards. Come trout fishing Canada.
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