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Your Yukon fishing adventures guide

View of the beach and deck area on Halls LakeAnglers insist there's nowhere like it. Fishing in the Yukon is truly spectacular with countless options to choose from. Here feisty northern species like Arctic grayling, northern pike and lake trout abound in our pristine lakes. Lesser known but highly prized fish like the inconnu and Arctic char navigate wild rivers flowing down through one of the world's most remote and extraordinary landscapes.

Yukon: once a forgotten wilderness, the Klondike Gold Rush in 1896 changed this far western area of Canada forever. Today, the same pioneering spirit beckons visitors to explore the vast wilderness of the Yukon. You can rough it or be pampered in the lap of luxury as you enjoy all that Canada's Yukon has to offer the sportsman and the family.

The Yukon has opportunities for great fishing with a wilderness lodge, outfitter, or flyin resort that will make your fishing vacation memorable.
Please adhere to our "Catch and Release" and "Catch and Eat" policies to ensure great fishing opportunities and enjoyment for our future generations.

Check out the great Yukon fishing info available for your trip preparation.

From the huge lake trout lurking in the deep, cold lakes, to battling arctic char cruising the pools and estuaries of arctic rivers Canada's Yukon is home to some of the world's best fishing. Yukon Salmon average 15-20 pounds, but fish of 65 pounds have been taken in the Yukon River or its tributaries. The young spend their first year in freshwater lakes or quiet backwaters of the mainstem Yukon before migrating downstream as smolts. They arrive back as 4-7 year old fish ready to spawn.

The Yukon is a great place for a family fishing vacation. Canada's parks, camps and resort settings are seldom far from great fishing. Tourist outfitters and resort operators are happy to tailor their packages for families who love to fish. Round out your family holiday with horseback riding, climbing and nature tours and everyone will have an array of great memories.

The Yukon has adopted progressive conservation strategies to ensure that our fish stocks remain healthy and productive. Fishing practices are guided by three First Nations principles: respect the animal, take only what you need, and use everything you take. Visiting anglers are encouraged to adhere to these principles and to carefully practice live release fishing whenever possible.


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A fishing trip in Canada can be a dream come true. Come fishing ..in the Yukon

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