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Canada's Yukon - Arctic Char Fishing Guide

Arctic Char

Come test yourself against a real Northern fighter, the Arctic Char. These powerful swimmers migrate up the mighty rivers and leap the rocky falls to reach the spawning grounds. Try casting a fly over a wild Arctic stream for char: it's simply irresistible fishing.Take a deep breath when an Arctic char takes the lure. You are in for a battle of skill against pure instinct.

The Arctic char occurs in two principal forms. One migrates into the sea in the summer to feed, but returns to fresh water to pass the winter and the other remains in fresh water throughout its entire life. As char approach spawning condition in the autumn, body colours range from bright red to deep vermilion. During the winter, char feed little or not at all, but use large fat reserves stored during the previous summer. Arctic char occur in the northern drainages of the Yukon naturally, but are also stocked by the Yukon government in some accessible pothole lakes.

Your guides will lead you to some great fishing spots and show you how to catch 10 to 20 lbs. Arctic char on fly or casting rods.
Canadian held World Record: 32 lbs. 9 ounces.

ARCTIC CHAR fishing adventures are available through the resorts and outfitters below.

Whitehorse - Yukon

Yukon Escapes is a Yukon owned and operated guiding company offering trips for all seasons, skill levels and budgets. We provide unique ATV, zodiac, power boat and jet boat tours. All trips include certified Yukon guides, who will ensure the trip is a safe and pleasurable experience. Yukon Escapes offers trips to individuals, small and large groups, and corporate guests.

Cantlie Lake Combined ATV and Fishing is suitable for the experienced rider. Trip begins on the Grey Mountain Road overlooking Whitehorse. After taking in the beauty of the surrounding area, we will proceed down the trail towards Cantlie Lake in pursuit of Arctic Char. Upon arrival we will head out in our zodiac and try to lure the "big one".
Yukon Escapes offers trips to other remote fishing spots, or to nearby fishing holes.

The scientific name is " Salvelinus alpinus " The Arctic char's will hit a wide variety of foods and is one of the easiest salmonids to catch on hook and line. Sea-run char are formidable fish, reaching weights of 25 pounds and waging a powerful fight catapulting from the water several times before they "lose steam" after a lengthy fight in the stream.

Fishing in Canada's North can be a dream come true. Come Arctic Char fishing..in the Yukon.
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