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Yukon Salmon Fishing Guide

Come test your skills against a mighty tough Yukon fighting fish ..salmon

The Chinook male snout is elongated and strongly hooked. The adult fish average 15-20 pounds, but fish of 65 pounds have been taken in the Yukon River or its tributaries. The young spend their first year in freshwater lakes or quiet backwaters of the mainstem Yukon before migrating downstream as smolts. They arrive back as 4-7 year old fish ready to spawn.

Young coho salmon reach the ocean before the end of their first year and return to spawn in the Alsek-Tatshenshini River system, e.g. Klukshu River where anglers eagerly seek them out in late September and early October. Cohos are also found in the Porcupine River system in the northern part of the territory.

Kokanee are landlocked sockeye salmon and are identical to the anadromous sockeye salmon except for their size. Kokanee are usually bright silver bluish colour and typically trout like in appearance. At spawning time males become bright red on the back and sides, their head becomes green in colour with a dusky elongated snout, and a light hump forms behind the head. During most of the year, kokanee are in deep water. In early June they are found in shallow water in Kathleen Lake and are eagerly sought after by anglers for their tasty flesh.

From part day trips to expedition-style fishing you can discover Yukon like never before..

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Come experience Salmon fishing ..in Canada's Yukon Territory ..
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