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Fishing in Nunavut Guide

View of the beach and deck area on Halls LakeNunavut has a unique fishing experience to offer. If you’ve ever longed for the solitude of fishing your own lake or river, then come to Nunavut. You can fly in to a Nunavut wilderness lodge and let an experienced local fishing guide show you where to land that trophy lake trout. Rent a cabin and fish round the clock under the midnight sun on a lake where you can call your own.

If you passion is to fly fish get ready for a Nunavut fishing adventure you will never forget.
Come fishing for a day or a week-long and experience Nunavut where legendary wilderness fishing is waiting for you.

Our trophy game fish include the feisty arctic char, the great northern pike, and our tasty fighting fish, the lake trout and the walleye. In spring, the ice fishing season heats up. Grab some rays on a quiet lake beside a warm fire, close to a cozy lodge.

A selection of great Nunavut fishing info is available for your trip preparation.

Arctic Char are a great tasting catch. They are generally found in the icy waters of the Arctic Rivers as they make their way inland to spawning lakes. They have dark green backs and silvery, spotted sides and bellies. During the fall spawning season, males develop long, hooked lower jaws and their sides and bellies turn bright orange-red. A few char do however remain in freshwater lakes year-round. Average weight: 2.25 - 3 kg (5 - 7 lbs).
Arctic Char are found on the north coast of Nunavut.

A Sport Fishing Licence is required. Licenses are available from the Department of Sustainable Development, or Fisheries and Oceans, most sport fishing lodges, sporting goods, and convenience stores, as well as certain offices of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

Fish in many areas of Nunavut are tagged for fishery management studies. With the information collected from fish tags, fishery managers are able to determine the distribution, movements, relative abundance, and growth rates of fish. If you catch a tagged fish there is a reward available for details of your catch and information from the government.

- All licences are subject to access conditions which your tour operator should be aware of. If you wish you can view these restrictions and requirements at Nunavut Fishing Licenses

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A fishing trip in Canada can be a fishing dream come true. Come fishing the Nunavut

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