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Nunavut Camp & Fish Guide

“To camp and fish is to experience Canada's great outdoors in a way like no other ”

An opportunity to experience the Nunavut in a truly unique and economical way. Camp out under the stars and roast marshmallows on the crackling campfire.
The Nunavut outfitters offers a selection of exciting fishing and camping adventures in remote areas. Use the camp as your base and head out daily to fish a new lake or river each day as you
follow the river systems and explore the scenic and rugged outdoors of the region.
Nunavut offers a selection of wilderness camping, and serviced campsites.

Learn more about Nunavut camping and fishing by clicking on the outfitter "name links" below for details and rates information.

The location of each outfitter is shown for your convenience.

Discover more about individual Camping outfitters in Nunavut below.

Interior Region - Nunavut

Wilderness Travel Expediting Northwest Territories and Nunavut: Over 32 years of operating a naturalist's lodge on the arctic coast, of living in the North, and of operating a canoe outfitting service on many arctic rivers, we have an impressive inventory of camps and gear, maintain a number of land leases, and have developed the skills to deploy these efficiently.

We can not only arrange your transportation and lodging in Yellowknife, but also can provide a turn-key rental camp with cabins or tent frames for your use, as well as air transport to that camp. We can also provide canoes (or sea-kayaks) and accessories, airport services, vehicle storage, radios, fishing licenses, fuel, bear scare devices, river reports, and anything else you will need for a comfortable and memorable trip. We can even package your trip from Edmonton if you'd like.

Are you inexperienced at camping, but longing for a wilderness experience, and an opportunity to learn the skills necessary to live in comfort in the wilderness? We can provide the instruction you need, from a one-day seminar before you leave Yellowknife to an Inuit guide/instructor at the camp.

Resolute Bay - Nunavut

For over 30 years, Black Feather adventurers have paddled untamed rivers, hiked amidst glacier-capped mountains and sea kayaked through sparkling ice fjords. We explore the most outstanding northern destinations from the world famous Nahanni River to a remote fjord in Greenland. Highly experienced and ly trained guides bring a wealth of knowledge and skill to each trip. Top quality expedition gear is field-tested and even custom designed for our rigorous demands.

We organize dozens of custom guided trips for groups of friends, families, including private canoe, kayak and hiking trips, major expeditions to remote arctic locations, and weekend and short getaways for families and friends.

The Ellesmere Getaway is a one week circuit route in the Lake Hazen area. We hike along the shore of the Snow Goose River camping half way to the Nesmith River. We set up a base camp go exploring; we walk through Glacier Pass and follow the Nesmith River along the Blister Ice Cap to a high lookout onto the Henritetta Nesmith Glacier and several other glaciers. The route contains a fantastic variety of experiences and a variety of terrain. This high Arctic trip is perfect for the beginner to intermediate backpacker who wants a unique experience in a utterly remote wilderness.

Canada's Nunavut has plenty of exciting camping, canoeing, and fishing opportunities.

Treat yourself and enjoy a flyin fishing trip in Nunavut
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