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Nunavut Flyin Fishing

Fly-in and outpost fishing represents a chance to get away and try some serious fishing.

Many great resorts are accessible only by air and are located on water systems are host to an abundance of gamefish. The remote fly-in fishing camps and lodges in the Nunavut can fulfill the dreams of every angler.
Choose from the all-inclusive fly-in packages, luxury resorts, and rustic outpost cabins and camps that are available.

Nunavut flyin fishing offers spectacular trophy fishing opportunities for northern pike, lake trout, walleye, arctic grayling, and arctic char. Wilderness outposts and and fly-in resorts in Canada's Nunavut region will make your fishing vacation truly memorable.
It can be a great way to enjoy the trip of a lifetime.
Nunavut offers a selection of wilderness camping, and serviced campsites.

Learn more about Nunavut camping and fishing by clicking on the outfitter "name links" below for details and rates information.

The location of each outfitter is shown for your convenience.

Discover more about Nunavut flyin fishing lodges and remote outposts below.

Interior Region - Nunavut

Ennadai Lake Lodge is a fly-in fishing lodge with an initial capacity of twenty-two guests per rotation. Ennadai Lake, Angikuni Lake and the Kazan River are in an area of Canada that is truly untouched. Three species inhabit these waters: lake trout, northern pike and arctic grayling. Imagine drifting a fly down the Kazan, possibly being taken by a five pound grayling, casting a pike bay catching dozens of pike or trolling a drop off looking for a thirty- pound-plus trout. Whether you're a spin-cast or fly-fish enthusiast, your passion and your dreams can be satisfied here.

We are a new lodge in a new area and we have a strict catch and release policy for trophy fish, ensuring that this natural resource remains as it is today. Our equipment and facilities are world class. Ennadai Lake is on the treeline and the remaining area is in the barren lands. Because these lakes are on a river system they are biologically prolific, especially on and around Ennadai Lake.

Guests of our first-class, fully-guided fishing adventures will be flown in from Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Interior Region - Nunavut

Wilderness Travel Expediting Northwest Territories and Nunavut: Over 32 years of operating a naturalist's lodge on the arctic coast, of living in the North, and of operating a canoe outfitting service on many arctic rivers, we have an impressive inventory of camps and gear, maintain a number of land leases, and have developed the skills to deploy these efficiently.

At Tundra Camp/Burnside Lodge, for example, there are unforgettable fly-fishing opportunities for surface-feeding lake trout, arctic char, and large arctic grayling. We can not only arrange your transportation and lodging in Yellowknife, but also can provide a turn-key rental camp with cabins or tent frames for your use, as well as air transport to that camp. We can also provide anything else you will need for a comfortable and memorable trip. We can even package your trip from Edmonton if you'd like.

Are you inexperienced at camping we can provide the instruction you need, from a one-day seminar before you leave Yellowknife to an Inuit guide/instructor at the camp.

Treat yourself and enjoy an exciting flyin fishing or outpost trip to Nunavut
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