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Your Alberta fishing guide

View of the beach and deck area on Halls Lake Alberta fishing represents some of the world's best fishing. Our crystal clear waters boast a variety of species to test your skills. Lake Trout, Rainbow, and Bull Trout, Walleye, Northern Pike, and Perch are a few of the many varieties that frequent our waters.

Explore back country trails, unspoiled wilderness, pristine lakes, and wide open spaces during your outdoor adventure vacations in Alberta's north, the prairies, the foorhills of the majestic Rockies.

Whether you’re fishing walleye, lake trout, speckled trout, Northern pike, catfish, or one of the many other species that populate the lakes, rivers and streams of Alberta, excitement and anticipation are part of every fishing experience. Surrounded by sweeping clear-blue skies and pristine wilderness, anglers can test their skills, savour a shore lunch and return home with a handsome catch.

Check out the great Alberta fishing info available for your trip preparation.

Iin Alberta fishing can be as close or as far as your imagination takes you. Access is by automobile, float plane, boat-in, or paddle your canoe. You can rough it or be pampered in the lap of luxury as you enjoy all that Alberta has to offer.
From the most luxurious accommodation to the most rustic outposts and camps and various packages that can include meals, transportation by float plane, guiding and equipment there is an adventure to meet every budget.

Barbless hooks must be used in Alberta and make for easy release of fish and minimize injury. The province of Alberta is a strong proponent of catch and release, and catch to eat fishing. Using fishing resources with care and respect will guarantee world-class angling adventures for future generations.

Alberta fishing is great for kids. With an abundance of species available, children don't have to wait long before the action begins. Provincial parks, camps, and resort settings are seldom far from great fishing. Tourist outfitters and resort operators are happy to tailor their packages for families with kids that love to fish.


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A trip in Canada can be a fishing dream come true. Come to Alberta for fishing

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