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Nova Scotia Fishing Charters and Guides

Trout and Salmon on Cape Breton, Rainbows on Bras D'or,
or a bit of offshore enjoyment ?

Guided and charter fishing services in Nova Scotia provides truly spectacular opportunities with a variety of options to choose from. Savour the salty ocean breezes. Catch the sparkle of the sun on the sea. Hear the muffled thump of your footsteps on a spruce-scented path, and revel in the knowledge that you can enjoy these delights every season of the year.

Guided fishing for smallmouth bass on inland lakes, speckled, rainbow and brown trout, and of course the Atlantic salmon fishing on Cape Breton Island are well worth the journey.
Fishing guides and charter boat operators are experts whose life passion is fishing. They use innovative and effective techniques which combined with a sixth sense for finding fish has often earned them the reputation of being a top producer in their regions.

Guided and charter boat fishing for
Mackerel, Cod, Hake, Pollack, Catfish, Blue - Mako - or Porbeagel Shark are excellent choices. Deep sea fishing is a fantastic family outing, and is a great way to enjoy beautiful coastline vistas.
Discover more about Nova Scotia's Fishing Guides & Charters below.

Oxford - Nova Scotia

Hello fellow outdoorsmen, - Robert Beaumont here. I'd like to invite you to check out my hunting and fishing guide services. I am a certified hunting and fishing guide located in Oxford, Cumberland County, Nova Scotia, Canada.

I offer an awesome Big Buck Wildlife Adventure with Guided Tours & Big Game Hunting and Fishing that caters to everyone; Family, Individuals, Persons with Disabilities and Groups. Whether you're into whitetail deer, black bear, salmon, bass or sea trout then I can get you hooked up. (pardon the pun) Check out my website for further details and feel free to contact me day or night.

Cape Breton - Nova Scotia

Margaree Lodge in Cape Breton offers you everything you need for an interesting vacation : Our Lodge consists of a total of 30 double-rooms and 2 large suites which can be found in four different ground level units.- Dining Plan & Restaurant

Anglers fondest dreams become reality in the sparkling pools of the Margaree for Atlantic Salmon, Speckled Trout and Rainbow Trout. An unforgettable experience is a day of fishing in one of the remote lakes in the Highlands for speckled trout you may be lucky and see a moose. We also offer this tour with an exciting stay over in a camp. Or.. come deep sea fishing on our 30 ft. fully equipped chaters for Mackerel, Cod, Hake, Pollack, Catfish, Blue - Mako - or Porbeagel Shark.

South Shore - Nova Scotia

Tight Lines is a family owned and operated business in the South Western areas of Nova Scotia at our beautiful property in Yarmouth County which has been a "home away from home" for fly fishing sports for over 100 years. Tight Lines offers fly fishing for Brook Trout, Smallmouth Bass and Chain Pickerel in the waters of South Western Nova Scotia, and we also specialize in salt-water fly fishing for Striped Bass and Mackerel in the same areas. Our Smallmouth Bass fishing is just now becoming known outside of the province, and there is little pressure on these abundant scrappy fighters.

We also have a base of operations in Cape Breton, where sea-run Trout and Atlantic Salmon are the principal targets; our salt-water program includes Mackerel and even the odd Cod or Flounder ! Tight Lines specializes in fitting the sport to the participant, children are welcomed with their parent(s).

Picture yourself sport fishing for salmon, trout, bass, or mackerel accompanied by a qualified fishing guide or charter operator.

Treat yourself and enjoy a fishing charter adventure in Nova Scotia
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