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British Columbia Walleye Fishing Guide


While walleye are without a doubt one of the most popular game fish in Central Canada the walleye tend to play 3rd fiddle to the B.C. salmon and trout popularity. The meat is excellent and the highlight of any trip is the preparation and enjoyment of famous shore lunch.

It is a little known fact that the Upper Columbia River is one of the best Walleye producers in North America. Walleye generally range up to 6 lbs. and it is common for experienced anglers to catch and release dozens of fish a day. Most people who fish for Walleye in the Columbia easily reach their limit of eight in a short period of time. Strong fighters, walleyes stay deep and wage a determined battle. The walleye feeds most actively at sunrise and sunset and night fishing can be very effective. The larger, mature fish will come into shallow rock shoals and around islands to feed and many trophys have been taken still or drift fishing. Casting, drifting, and trolling are all effective techniques in fishing the walleye. Walleye will respond to a wide range of natural and artificial bait. Canadian Record: 22 lbs. 4 ounces.

From day trips to a week long fly in you can discover British Columbiafishing like you've never seen it before.

You can learn more about B.C. Bass fishing resorts by clicking on the lodges "name links" below for details and rates info.

The location of each resort is shown for your convenience.

Discover more about British Columbia walleye fishing lodges and outfitters below.

Muncho Lake -Toad River

Northern Rockies Lodge
Offers fly-in fishing lodge holidays in northern British Columbia at Muncho Lake. Enjoy hiking, wildlife viewing, canoeing, tours of the Rockies, northern lights and more.

You can also escape to a remote mountain lake and stay at a cozy outpost log cabins to truly experience nature. Plus enjoy the thrill of catching record size Arctic Grayling, Dolly Varden, Bull Trout, Lake Trout, Rainbow Trout, Walleye, Rocky Mountain Whitefish and Northern Pike in an area accessible only by float plane

As a delicious fish fry or a shore lunch walleye rules. Come Walleye fishing in Canada.
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